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Hello Sleeping Beauty...

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Okay so I LOVE the pillowcase! The color is so cute, and its super soft! I really like that my hair doesn't get as frizzy and even my face feels better when I sleep on it.

Britney U. @_noonelikeb_

Best purchase I've made in a long time. This pillowcase is super soft and light and feels incredible to sleep on. I'm a hot sleeper and it keeps me cool and comfortable at night, as well as visibly reduces inflammation on my very sensitive skin which no other pillowcase has done in the past. The quality of silk is AMAZING and so beautiful. I'll never go back to another material!!! 1000000% recommend this pillowcase!

Barbie C. @barbczar9

Oh my God I love my pillowcase so much it absords all the oils that sweat during the night so my hair is nice and fresh still when I wake up. Washing is simple and the texture feels just as good each time. So happy with my purchase, it changed my life!!

Ariana D. @embroidari