Pillow Talk

Dozzzed Pillowcases are made with silk charmeuse fabric, but what is silk charmeuse? 

Silk Charmeuse is a type of silk that refers to a specific type of weave that creates a fine weighted silk fabric with an elegant sheen. Using this classic style weave, silk charmeuse has a radiant and reflective finish.

Why Silk? 

Silk is the strongest of natural fibers. It contains natural protein and is hypoallergenic; As it does not conduct static electricity, sleeping on silk helps reduce hair breakage.

Here are some benefits from silk:

  • Prevents frizzy hair and tangles 
  • Keeps hair hydrated 
  • Prevents hair breakage and damage 
  • Silk wicks moisture away to keep you dry and cool all night long 

Your Dozzzed pillowcase is weighted at 19 momme  - uh what does that mean? 

Momme is pronouncedmoe-mie”  

It describes the silk’s weight and density. Higher momme means there is more strands of silk per 100 yards of fabric, therefore making the product heavier. So if the fabric is weighed and say its 19 pounds, the momme would be 19 momme. The higher the momme the higher quality and more durable the fabric is.

Cleaning Instructions 

Dry cleaning is highly recommended for silk fabrics.  

Machine wash on the delicate cycle with cool water and a pH-neutral liquid detergent. Lay flat or hang to air dry.

Hand wash with cool water and a pH-neutral liquid detergent. Soak for 30 minutes then rinse. Do not wring! Press the water out of the pillowcase gently. This will expand its lifetime. Lay flat or hang to air dry.  

Ph Liquid Detergent recommended:  

Woolite Delicates

Seventh Generation free and clear

The Laundress Delicate Wash (Lady)

Air Dry Only

Air drying your silk pillowcase is very important. One benefit of silk is it dries quickly. Drying should take no longer than an hour.  Tumble drying silk will damage the silk fibers from the heat.  

 Where is my pillowcase produced?

Made in Michigan, USA

How often should I change my pillowcase? 

You should change your pillowcase at least every two weeks to protect your skin from bacteria, and dead skin cells. Hair serum and oils from products can streak onto your pillowcase and in turn leak into your pores. 

When not in use store your pillowcase in our Dozzzed duster bag, for longevity and durability


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