Our Story

Madison, creator of Dozzzed


Madison Collins is an up-and-coming entrepreneur with a Bachelors degree in Fashion Merchandising and a minor in Marketing from Mississippi State University. Her background in textiles and apparel design influenced her to create her own brand of silk pillowcases.

After learning how to create pillowcases as a college project, she thought to create a specialty silk pillowcase that would protect her natural hair. Since 2018, she has researched and traveled to find the perfect quality of fabrics for her specialty pillowcases. After a long search, she has finally found the perfect touch and feel for her customers to lay their heads on. Thus, Dozzzed was created.

“I take pride in my natural hair and I really wear it as my crown. I would love to inspire the black community to embrace their roots and appreciate where they come from.”

Sleeping on silk is a luxury and our hair deserves the gratification.